About Us

Creative Wings is an innovative and dynamic organisation focused on providing cutting edge technology, creative arts training and consultancy services. We offer creative, engaging educational courses for kids, young adults and professionals. Our aim is to provide these courses at an affordable cost. We are a subsidiary of our parent company Subject Support Ltd. based in the UK. All our course materials and content are designed and developed in conjunction with Subject Support Ltd.

We are a social enterprise, our main goal is to minimise digital divide in the socity.
Following are our main aims:

  • Develop young entrepreneurs in technology and creative arts
  • Provide life-skills training to underprivileged
  • Provide cutting edge technology and creative arts training to young people and professionals
  • Run projects to improve digital literacy and minimize digital divide in cities and rural areas

We are committed to making our courses accessible to all. As part of our social commitment we offer free places to underprivileged participants on all our courses.

Staff and Faculty:

We have qualified trainers with industry experience.  Our training staffs are well versed in latest technology and expert in their relevant field. We carry out regular In Service Training (INSET) and encourage our staff to follow their own chosen Continuous Professional Development (CPD) path to keep their knowledge and understanding of teaching and learning up to date.

Our Facility:

State of the art classroom with the following facilities:
Interactive white board (Smart board) with projector
High speed fibre optic broadband connection
Multimedia system
Air-conditioned classroom
IPS power backup system
Live video streaming facility
Live HD video conferencing facility