Photography for all

Photography for all

Level: Beginner / introduction, Age: 14+ Years, Course Fee: 7,000 Taka

Duration: 4 weekends (3 hours each week, Friday or Saturday, 12 hours in total)

Entry requirements: This course is open to all with an interest in photography. You will need access to a camera for the course. If you don’t have any camera you can use our camera for a negligible additional cost.

Course details:
This course will develop your understand of how a camera works (DSLR/Point and shoot). This will allow you to understand the different functions and features of your camera. You will learn what are different functions and options of your camera and when to use them. How to take photos in a difficult situation (i.e. backlit subjects, high key, low key subjects). Following topics will be covered during the sessions.

Introduction to Photography
Basics of photography
How a camera works
Various types of cameras available and their use
Various camera parts and accessories
Film / Digital camera
Digital camera sensor size and how it impacts photos

Photography concepts
ISO, noise / grain
Shutter speed and how to use it at various situations
Aperture and how it impacts depth of field
Various types of focusing options and when to use them
Shooting modes and when to use them effectively
Different metering modes and their use

Creative photography and techniques
Depth of field and how to use it in photography
Use to flash to freeze motion
Capturing fast moving objects
Panning techniques

Camera maintenance and care
How to look after your camera
Storing camera for future use
Cleaning and basic maintenance

Mini Project
All participants will have a mini project based on their interest

Teaching method
You will take part in various live demonstrations, practical sessions, field trips and discussions.

Facilitator (s):

You tutor is Abir Mallick (, who has over twelve years of professional experience in photography at international level. He is a Charted London Teacher award winner for excellence in teaching. He has been working as a tutor for digital image manipulation, photography and ICT at several institutions in London for the past fifteen years. He works as a freelance photojournalist and have undertaken several assignments in commercial and event photography world over (