Spoken English

Spoken English Training

Level: Beginner, Age: 18+ Years, Course Fee: 5000 Taka
Duration: 8 Days (16 Hours)

Entry requirements: This course is suitable for anyone interested to improve their speaking skills in English.

Participants should have basic reading ability in English.


This is a fully practical and interactive course. The sessions are conducted by tutors present in the lesson and from our centre at London. Participants will have the experience of speaking in English with various people and tutors from London and other places.

The following topics will be covered in the course:

Recap of basic English concepts

How to start a conversation
Greetings, ending a conversation
Speaking English in your daily life
Practical speaking session
How not to speak English
How to deal with difficult pronunciation
Common mistakes in speaking English
Online and Skype conversation with foreign delegates

Practical session in understanding different accents in English
How to make sense of difficult English accents
Group discussion
Online and Skype conversation with foreign delegates

Reading to make sense
Pronunciation of difficult words

Abir Mallick, FCoT (Lon), PGDip(Lon), PGCE(Lon), MCA(B,lore), Adobe Certified Educator, Chartered London Teacher. With over fifteen years of training and teaching experience in different countries; Abir (http://www.linkedin.com/in/abirmallick) has trained participants of all ages from primary school to University level. He is a Chartered London Teacher award winner for excellence in teaching and learning. He has been working as a trainer for various professional courses at London, India and Bangladesh. He runs a successful consultancy company www.subjectsupport.com providing cutting edge professional development courses in London.